Entertaining.  Educational.  Enlightening. 

Committed to training brains and honing bodies, EDDIE DEAN demonstrates the vast potential of the mind and body while showing that there are deeper levels to the human capacity for connections and communications than many people realize.  His one-man show, Eddie Dean Telepathy Rock Star: Smells Like Dean Spirit is filled with audience participation, prizes, games, stories, comedy, suspense, amazement, and opportunities for audience members to become the star!

His workshops and seminars explore the many “mind reading” related aspects of networking, team building, persuasive speaking, non-verbal communication, personal achievement, and creative leadership and management.  These programs are suitable for motivational seminars, trainings, workshops, after dinner and keynote addresses, and any other event that requires educational and enlightening entertainment.

As an interdisciplinary doctoral researcher in performance studies and psychology,  and with Masters degrees in Public Administration and Physical Theatre, Edward James Dean draws from his exploration of human behavior in order to offer cutting edge and award winning research regarding the true capacities of the mind and body.  Eddie Dean offers  private or group coaching in personal and interpersonal development, as well as training in communications and presentation techniques.

Innovative and creative, Eddie regularly consults, performs, and speaks across the world.  He has consulted for Microsoft and the BBC, performed for Boeing and Heineken, headlined at the National Circus Festival of Ireland, spoken at the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival, and won first prize at the UCC Doctoral Showcase.  He currently lectures part-time at UCC.