Unfathomable Debut

At the London debut of Unfathomable we were introduced by the great David Berglas, and joined by the lovely Debbie McGee.  Dr. Richard Wiseman, Dr. Caroline Watt, and the Worshipful the Mayor and Mayoress of the London Borough of Barnet served as adjudicators. sitting ringside and eagle-eyed.

Dr. Watt, Dr. Wiseman, Mayor and Mayoress

Pictured here, beside the Deans is the man and the myth David Berglas. Beside Mr. Berglas is the world’s favorite academic, Richard Wiseman.

The Poison Test

Dr. Caroline Watt

This is Dr. Caroline Watt, the chair of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburgh, confirming that the stacks of cotton gauze are entirely opaque before blindfolding me and pouring three glasses of pink lemonade and one glass of drain cleaner. (Cue the danger music.)

Poison Glasses

The glasses were then freely rearranged by the adjudicators of the evening including, Dr. Richard Wiseman, and the Worshipful the Mayor and the Mayoress of the London Borough of Barnet.  (Pictured below.)

Dr. Watt, Dr. Wiseman, Mayor and Mayoress

Our poison test is particularly convincing — because we use real poison!  There’s no cheating when Professor Watt’s on duty!

Poison Test

Prof. Richard Wiseman

I’ve introduced David Berglas, the Piddingtons, and Debbie McGee. And now, I’d like to take a moment to introduce Professor Richard Wiseman. He has written nearly a dozen best sellers and his Quirkology videos have millions of views.  I regularly use his Color Changing Card Trick video in my courses on the Psychology of Mind Reading and Mind Control.  His short video on Assumptions never gets old.

But most people don’t know that in the 1990s, Professor Wiseman also wrote Guidelines for Testing Psychic Claimants and Guidelines for Extrasensory Perception Research.  He acted as a judge in the London debut of Unfathomable, and we’re delighted to have his support!