EDDIE DEAN is a motivational speaker, personal development consultant, presentation coach, and actor.  He is conducting PhD research on the psychology and performativity of non-physical communication (psychophysical telepathy) at University College Cork, where – with results exceeding one-in-a-million against chance – he has repeatedly demonstrated apparent thought transference under controlled laboratory conditions.  These laboratory tests are discussed in his one-man show Eddie Dean, Telepathy Rock Star: Smells Like Dean Spirit and are the subject of the upcoming documentary Project Viola Ten.  He has been featured on TV3, headlined at the National Circus Festival of Ireland, performed for Boeing and Heineken, consulted for Microsoft and the BBC, and currently lectures at University College Cork.

EDDIE DEAN was a first prize winner at the 2015 UCC Doctoral Showcase and a featured speaker at the 2017 International Expert Meeting on Parapsychology in Heidelberg.  He is a certified instructor of the Elemental Body Alignment System and a former circus instructor at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle.  He holds an MFA in Physical Theatre from Tuscany’s Accademia dell’Arte, an MPA in Strategic Public Policy from the American University of Paris, and has a certification in parapsychology from the University of Edinburgh.  His papers, (Re)Discovering the Body in Mentalism and The End of Mind Reading, have been published by the University of Huddersfield.